Here are some principles we take into consideration when creating a logo…

When creating a logo, the entire set of rules valid in the design of visual communication is taken into account. A logo should be simple, as legible as possible, and have contrasting colours (either with each other or with the environment in which it is to be used).

The name and logo must complement each other. Together they ensure the visual impact of the product, giving a first impression on it. In an environment characterized by speed, this first impression is often decisive.

The logo must highlight the significance of the name or activity of the company, it has to re-write its name, and it must be relatively simple as a construction, both for remote recognition and for very small-dimension printing.

Why use a very artistic font if the company name is impossible to read? The ideal font should be easy to read and have enough artistic qualities to make the company image unique. To achieve this, the following formula must be applied: the simple is easily memorized.

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