Web design generally means the creation of websites, from the moment of designing the structure and the graphical interface till the completion of programming and the actual introduction of the data that make up the content of the site – images, text, files and other elements.

Web design is an important component of a website. The most creative part of a site is in web design. A professional and quality web design creates a visual logic and seeks a balance between information and visual sensations.

In web design everything has to be limited because nobody likes a web design that is visually overloaded with too many images or colours in the wrong combinations. Spacing between texts and images is very important.

The orderly arrangement on the page, the provision of factual information on product-services, and an accessible navigation facilitation make the page look neat.

It is said that when accessing a web page, the main element which attracts most of the visitors’ attention is the logo, followed by the navigability of the website, and an easily memorable, well-chosen name.

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